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No. Campus/Shelves
1Main Library
         Abe Abe Shinzo Library Corner (Allow request)
         ASEAN ASEAN Corner (Allow request)
         Best book ฺBest books to read (Allow request)
         CD-ROM CD-ROM (Allow request)
         CM Comic
         CRT Co-Operative projects
         ER Reading Books (Allow request)
         Fic Fiction (Allow request)
         Journal Journal Room (Allow request)
         JVN Juvenile Books (Allow request)
         Languages General Education and Languages (A401) (Allow request)
         main-book General Books (Allow request)
         Multimedia Multimedia Room (Allow request)
         MV Movie
         REF Reference Books
         Repair Repairing (Allow request)
         REV Reserved Books (Allow request)
         SET SET Corner (Allow request)
         SIM-LAB Smart Informatics Management System Laboratory A307
         SS Short story (Allow request)
         Thesis & Res Thesis & Research (Allow request)
         TNI-CBRS A309 Center for Business Research and Services (TNI-CBRS) A309
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Center of Academic Resource  Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology  A206 1771/1 , Pattanakarn Rd, Suan Luang, Bangkok, 10250, THAILAND
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